Submit Box Tops, win prizes and a party for your child’s classroom

bOXTOPSWe are a Box Tops for Education school!

  •   2016-2017: Raised $1,458.20
  •   2017-2018: Raised $754.50
  •   2018-2019: Let’s make the total higher!

This year, collections will run from September through February, and there will be monthly classroom contests. Students in the classroom that submits the most Box Tops each month will get to choose a prize from a special treasure box.

The fall collection deadline is Monday, Oct. 29, and the classroom that collects the most for the fall semester will win a classroom prize (for the teacher to purchase something for the class) and ice cream party.

Then we’ll repeat the contest for the spring semester!

So clip those Box Tops and submit them in plastic ziptop bags to your teacher! (Please ensure that the Box Tops have not expired.)

Box Tops 1

Box Tops 2

Here’s a list of products that have clippable Box Tops.

Read on for more collection tips from our Box Tops coordinator:

Ways to increase collections this year

  • Hang a ziplock bag up at home to collect Box Tops.
  • Download the Bonus Box Tops App on your phone and use it.
  • Put a collection box at your work for others to contribute.

If you need a collection box or have any additional ideas or input, please contact our school’s Box Tops Coordinator through email:

Submit Box Tops, win prizes and a party for your child’s classroom
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