Jones PTA General Meeting: Kicking off the 2018-2019 year

PTA meeting

Principal Ron Luciano led off the first PTA meeting of the year talking about the school’s dual personality. When he arrived three years ago, the school was presented as two schools within one building, the Spanish Immersion school and the Neighborhood Leadership school. But he said he felt that was dividing the school.

“Ultimately, we are two programs in one school. The curriculum and instruction are the same for each grade level; the only difference is that one program is in English and one is in Spanish.” Luciano

He has decided to move forward with just calling the school David D. Jones Elementary and leaving behind the Spanish Immersion Program and Neighborhood Leadership Program names.

He also outlined the school’s growth over the past few years. Since his arrival, Luciano said he has focused on bringing in training for the entire staff and encouraging teachers to work as a complete grade level. And the results show the strategy is working.

Since 2011, the school’s growth rate has been on a steady climb.

Mr. Luciano was proud to announce that last year, Jones not only met its growth goal … the school EXCEEDED its goal!

Congrats to all the teachers and faculty, students and families. This is quite an accomplishment for Jones. Only 14 elementary schools in the entire Guilford County Schools district exceeded growth last year.

Exceeded growthExceeded growth-2

After Luciano finished his remarks, Assistant Principal Ruthmarie Mitchell introduced all the teachers and talked about Jones’ commitment to students as a Title I schoMollieol.

Then PTA President Mollie Lyles explained the mission of the PTA, talked about some of the PTA’s biggest events and fundraisers during the year and outlined the proposed budget, which was approved with no opposition.

The following is the PowerPoint presentation presented by the PTA. It gives a great overview of everything the PTA does for Jones and why donations and volunteering is so important to accomplishing our goals.

Jones PTA General Meeting: Kicking off the 2018-2019 year
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