Brush up on school procedures with our FAQs guide

How do I drop off or pick up my child?

Choose one, can vary from day to day:
Walk inside: Park in the parking lots around Warnersville Recreation Center and escort your child to the building. You’ll meet staff, teachers, classmates and other parents, as well as learn your way around the building. This option is great if you need to help your child carry something or need to speak with a teacher.
Drop off by car: Enter the car rider dropoff circle in the lot off South Street. Doors open at 7:30 a.m. You MUST enter the line going west on South Street (with the school on your right).

Do …

  • Enter the line going west on South Street.
  • Watch for pedestrians near the school
  • Check for cars bypassing the car rider line and traveling in the wrong lane (especially when exiting the parking lot).
  • Take an extra minute to make dropoff/pickup safe. (There were several car accidents last year due to unsafe driving behaviors.)
  • Have your child ready to unbuckle, grab their bag and jump out. If they need help or more time to retrieve items from the trunk, etc., it’s much easier to park near Warnersville and enter the front doors.

Don’t …

  • Turn LEFT into or out of the car dropoff zone. Both turns are illegal during dropoff/pickup times.
  • Make a U-turn at Lama Street. It can block traffic and is unsafe. It takes less than 2 minutes to go around the block and enter the line correctly.
  • Park near the preschool classrooms going the wrong direction. It’s impossible to see whether it’s safe to pull out and puts other cars in danger.
  • Try to drop off children by the front doors on South Street. They are locked for students’ safety.

You MUST declare your child’s primary method of pickup during the first week of school: bus rider, ACES or car rider. There will be no Parent Zone this year to improve children’s safety. All car riders will be given a numbered hanging tag for afternoon pickup.
• Pick up by car: Enter the same pattern as morning dropoff by traveling west on South Street (with Jones on your right). Students will be dismissed starting about 2:35 p.m. but the car line begins forming by 2 p.m.

Is afterschool care available?

ACES is available through Guilford County Schools from 2:35 to 6 p.m., and it operates on some teacher workdays. Students will spend time working on homework, playing outside and participating in small group activities. Enrollment is limited. Applications and info about program fees and schedules are at the school. Contact Roosevelt Dixon at (336) 333-3285, ext. 1150, or email

What time does the bell ring?

There is a warning bell at 7:50 a.m. and the tardy bell rings at 8 a.m. If students are not in their classrooms by 8 a.m., they may need to get a tardy slip in the office.
Dismissal will begin at 2:35 p.m.

What if we are late or we leave early?

Late arrivals: You will need to escort your child in. Come to the main entrance, get buzzed in the doors and sign in with Ms. Rudd before your child can enter class.
Early dismissals: Office personnel will call your child’s teacher. You must sign your child out in the computer by the front desk.

What if my child is sick or absent?

Your child’s teacher may call you to pick up your child if they become sick during the day. Follow the early dismissal procedure. If your child stays home sick, you may want to email his or her teacher. Please send a note to Ms. Rudd ( for any absences or tardies. For doctor or dentist appointments, you’ll need to turn in a note from the medical office.

lunch tray

How does lunch work?

Breakfast and lunch NO LONGER FREE for ALL students this year at Jones. (This is a change by Guilford County Schools, not Jones.) Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch will need to fill out an application (available in the office) to receive lunch. Students who do not qualify will need pay by cash, check or through an online account. Breakfast costs $1;  lunch is $2.85. Students also may bring a packed lunch.

Visit to see menus, set up an account and pay online.

Can I eat lunch with my child?

Absolutely. Arrive a few minutes before the designated lunchtime, sign in at the front desk, wait for your child’s class to go through the line and you can join them. Parents can buy lunch, bring outside food or just sit with their child. Many teachers allow students to sit at a special table with guests.

Is there a lost and found?

The school office typically has a collection of coats, hats, gloves, etc. in a box at the front desk. Otherwise, check with your child’s teacher.

How do we check out library books?

Students will visit the Media Center regularly and can check out books to bring home. Circulation begins a few weeks after school starts.

How do I stay informed?

ConnectED messages: Receive recorded messages from Mr. Luciano on Sundays and Ms. Mitchell on Wednesdays to your designated phone number. These are packed with info about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. *Update your phone number with Ms. Rudd as needed.
Emails: Class parents, teachers and the PTA send emails periodically.
Newsletters: Teachers and PTA are sent home in each child’s class folder periodically.
David D. Jones School_Spanish Immersion and Leadership Academy Facebook page: You’ll find updates, school volunteer opportunities, news articles and parent discussions.
School Website: is updated frequently.
Folders: Important documents are often sent home in weekly folders. It’s good to check those regularly for paperwork and notices.
PTA Website: gives info and signup links.
Class Dojo: Many teachers share info, pictures and more on this free app.
Memberhub: This is our N.C. PTA portal. It has PTA news and events.
Guilford County Schools app: Calendars, flyers, updates and more.

Can I volunteer at school?

Please do! We need you. Help as often as you can — in the classroom, in the office, at school events — wherever you’re needed. Register as a volunteer at


How else can I get involved?

Join the PTA, an organization that works tirelessly for Jones teachers and students. PTA meetings held throughout the year highlight what’s going on at Jones. PTA fundraisers help raise much-needed money to pay for school improvements, activities, supplies and more.

To join the PTA, it’s $5 per person. Applications are sent home with all students or you can join at open house! (Bring cash or your checkbook, please.)

At the very least, please sign up to allow the PTA to send you email updates. We share lots of information! In fact, this FAQ guide was created by the PTA to help other parents. Got other questions or concerns?

Email us at or reach out on Facebook.


Brush up on school procedures with our FAQs guide
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